Book review – The Year I Met You

Hi everyone! Hope you are having an awesome day!
Today, I am going to do a book review on “The Year I Met You” by Cecelia Ahern. This is one of the first books that I have read and possibly one of the reasons why I fell in love with reading. (Please keep in mind that I wrote this review quite a few years ago but never got a chance to share it. :D)

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Another Life Update (A levels, Back to blogging and so much more)

Hello everyone!! Remember me? How are you all doing? How has your day been? How has your week been? How has this year been for you? Ok I am getting carried away, but you get my point – how are you?

I realize that it has been sooo long since I posted here. I just can’t believe that it has been more than a year!! I stopped posting without even saying and I am really sorry for that. I have missed you all!! So many things have happened in my life and I am finally sharing it here. Also a huge thank you to all for sticking around!

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Life Update + Get To Know Me tag

Hi everyone! Wow it has been almost a year since I have posted here! You all probably think that I fell off the face of Earth and I have no idea how to respond to that. Anyways, I thought I could write a post filling you all about my life¬† and other stuffs. You would be knowing most of this if you are following my Instagram. I am also doing a “Get to know me” tag because you can know a bit more about me and I have got some new followers as well. Welcome!!

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Book Review – The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Hi everyone! How are you all doing? Wow it’s been terribly long since I wrote a blog post and I sincerely apologize to you all for that.

The Alchemist, one of the most well-known books written by the incredible writer, Paulo Coelho. This book has a very special place in my heart as it is one of those books, that I believe left an impact on me.  The Alchemist is also the first book I had ever written a review on.

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